The town of Holland and its resident, specifically those who live on and use Hamilton Reservoir have struggled to preserve this valuable resource for the past two decades.  In 1998 the Board of Selectmen retained Aquatic Control Technology to develop a management plan for the reservoir.  Hamilton Reservoir is a beautiful 400 plus acre body of water which had become inundated with aquatic plant growth.  A number of studies and various management techniques were undertaken.  Like many water bodies the the Northeast, Hamilton Reservoir had an infestation of the aquatic plant Milfoil which spread throughout the lake.

In 1998 the Board of Selectmen retained Aquatic Control Technology to develop a management plan for Hamilton Reservoir.  An integrated pest management program in implemented for the short and long-term management of the lake.  During the Winter and early Spring of 1998 two separate Notices of Intent (NOI) were filed with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Holland Conservation Commission.  The first NOI was submitted for the treatment of the lake with a US EPA registered aquatic herbicide.  The second NOI was submitted for permission to undertake a lake-level draw down during the fall and winter to augment the herbicide application and assist with the long-term management of Hamilton Reservoir.

In June of 1998 Aquatic Control Technology conducted a treatment to Hamilton Reservoir with the herbicide Reward at a rate of one gallon per acre.  Biological surveys of the water body were conducted two and four week after the treatment.  These survey revealed that the Milfoil growth had been reduced by 90%.  The lake was drawn down twenty-four inched during the Fall of 1998 and refilled during early January, 1999.  Continued to seed and have the draw down in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

In 2000 the HRA identified another nuisance weed and donated the money for its' removal to the town. In 2001 the HRA also hired Aquatic Control Technology to seed in Connecticut portion of the lake. Something which had never been done.

In 2015 The FHRA offered a match to homeowners for weed treatment and donated over $12,000 to treat Watershield and Tapegrass weeds in the fall. And the Lake Oversight Committee has been meeting again with Town support .. meetings are monthly at the town hall (Public is Invited)

 Holland's Wetlands Protection Brochure for the Homeowner

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